This site will expose the Biblical False Prophet, “elected” on 13 March 2013 and known as “Pope” Francis, known as Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina. Francis is an anti-pope with an apparent valid election, as happened during the Great Western Schism in the 14th century, which at some point had two anti-popes, that is three men claiming to be Pope. Only one is valid. You can learn some history of anti-popes at Catholic Encyclopedia.

For Catholics, this man is an anti-pope with the real pope still remaining Benedict XVI, who was invalidly forced to resign. So that Protestants understand, the papacy is not the problem but rather this impostor to the papacy – there is a great distinction between the two. The Catholic Church has had many anti-popes over her history, and this is the final one.

Expect this man to lead the Earth into a one-world pagan religion which ultimately will worship the Antichrist, who is Maitreya of Share International, and he goes under the name Raj Patel, using the humanist cover story of fixing world hunger.

Some last important points based on various queries: we are not SSPX nor are we sedevacantist. The Vatican II popes, John XXIII, Paul VI, John Paul I, John Paul II, and Benedict XVI, are all valid and validly-elected popes.

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