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September Pope Video: Going Backwards and Not Genuflecting

There are telling symbolisms in the September 2017 Pope Video. Starting at 0:35 into the video, people start walking backwards, and at 0:42 they are walking backwards into a church. When in the church, they do not genuflect. Similarly, when the people leave the church at 0:55, neither do they genuflect.

This is consistent with Francis who does not kneel or genuflect before the Blessed Sacrament, with the excuse of frail health. Of course Francis always kneels and kisses men and women’s feet on Holy Thursday. Why is there no health issue there?

The devil is the ape of God and does everything backwards. He calls good and virtue as evil and sin and vice as good. His coming one-world religion will be the worship of Satan, through his main instrument the Antichrist (Maitreya), as being established now through the False Prophet Francis.

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