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Cardinal Marx Promoting the Heresy of Women Priests

[One of Francis’ top advisors is promoting the heresy of women priests. No surprise. Notice also the call for a “world Church”. Yes indeed, the one-world church of the Antichrist.]

“It would be truly absurd if we did not use the talents of women more”

Cardinal Marx: “The male priesthood does not help to present the Church as a pioneer of equality”

“We need a new image of the Church, led by men and women working together”

July 5, 2017 at 10:33 am

( C. Doody ) .- The impulse for women to have the space in the leadership of the Church that corresponds to them for human dignity is taking on ever greater dimensions. The last to call for more involvement in the higher ranks of the hierarchy has been Cardinal Reinhard Marx , who has stated that “we need a new image of what the Church should be : a world Church led by men and women of All cultures working together. “

According to La Croix , the German cardinal affirmed in a recent meeting of women leaders of the Church of Munich that ” we would be crazy if we did not use the talents of women , in fact it would be truly absurd. A strong demand for more female protagonism in ecclesial circles from one of the men closest to Pope Francis, who argued on this occasion in the fact that there are already women with high ecclesial positions in eleven of the twenty-seven dioceses of Germany and in Five of the ten Austrians, “and there is satisfaction on all sides .

The archbishop of Munich lamented that for the time being the priesthood is only open to faithful men, a limitation that “is certainly not helping the Church to present itself as a pioneer of equal rights . Just as the cardinal did, however, this exclusively male priesthood “does not mean that only men command in the Church.”

“This is precisely what the message should not be” from the Church to the world, he insisted. “And this is why I want to emphasize that positions of responsibility and executive positions in the Church that are open to the laity have to be shared between men and women.”

From his seat on the advisory council of Pope Francis – known as C-9 – the German cardinal, as he pointed out, will continue his crusade to include more women in decisive positions in the Church, although recognizes that due to That “there are some in the Church who cling to tradition” you have to have “patience” . “But one thing is clear,” he promised: “things here [in Munich] will not be as before.” Changes that, said the cardinal, could even reach the heart of the Vatican, given the “good signs” regarding the equality of the sexes that is sent by Pope Francis.

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