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Ivereigh: “CDF now headed by a Jesuit, which means someone who understands discernment”

Ivereigh: “CDF now headed by a Jesuit, which means someone who understands discernment”

Jesuit “discernment” means approval of mortal sin. But that is exactly the plan.

There will be quite a few reaction to the change of Prefects at CDF.  Hereunder I hope to catalog some of them for easy reference.

Here is something predictably tasteless from the start:

CDF now headed by a Jesuit, which means someone who understands discernment, which Müller did not. Key to #AmorisLaetitia.

— Austen Ivereigh (@austeni) July 1, 2017

Sycophantic?  I suspect he had a hand in the Walford Letter.  It has that same whiff of papolatry that this guys displays.

Speaking of tasteless and adding a dash of hysteria, here is the Wile E. Coyote of the catholic Left at the Fishwrap (aka National Sodomitic Reporter), the bloodthirsty Michael Sean Winters:


I hope Cardinal Muller finds a job in which he can learn to cultivate the virtue of humility… I hope Cardinal Robert Sarah read this morning’s Bollettino with care. Ditto for Cardinal Marc Ouellet.

Perhaps a little spirit of hartshorn along with that “spirit of Vatican II” will do the trick.

LifeSite has provided a little summary of the not well-hidden differences of view between Card. Müller and His Holiness over, especially, matters of Amoris laetitia and a widening conflict in the Church over doctrine and praxis.  It is interesting, though painful reading.  That we should live to see these times.  LifeSite concludes:

While Cardinal Muller may now lose his exalted post as guardian of the doctrine of the faith in the Catholic Church, he went down trying his best to maintain the faith despite personal attack. His calculated moves to retain his position were, we learn from those close to him, not made out of any desire for power, but only out of concern that a successor in his post less given to maintaining orthodoxy may do harm to the Church.

Ed Pentin at the National Catholic Register concludes:


News of the German cardinal’s departure also comes at a time when the CDF has been increasingly isolated during this pontificate on doctrinal matters. In February, it emerged that despite lodging a large number of corrections of Amoris Laetitia before its publication last April, none was accepted.

Having a Jesuit in charge may help bring it in from the cold, but some will feel uneasy about having two members of the Society of Jesus holding the two most senior positions in the Church.

Asked in 2008 what he thought about being the first Jesuit to be appointed Secretary to the CDF, he said he didn’t think it was a problem but that Benedict XVI chose him because he “seemed to him to be the best person.”

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