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“Francis is a pope for radical liberals only … not a pope for Catholics”

“Francis is a pope for radical liberals only … not a pope for Catholics”

What Catholics Can Learn from Liberal Pope Francis – by Fr Reto Nay

After the dismissal of Cardinal Müller, there is little doubt that Pope Francis is a pope for radical liberals only. He is the Pope of Cardinal Kasper, Cupich, and Coccopalmerio. He is not the Pope of Cardinal Müller, Burke or Caffarra. Francis is not a pope for Catholics.

The difference between liberal Francis and his conservative predecessors can be seen in their nominations. My guess is, that out off ten important nominations made by John Paul II or Benedict XVI eight were liberals, two were conservatives. Under Francis, out off ten nominations, ten are liberals.

From this we can draw two conclusions. We must, first, admire Francis’ determination to forward his radical liberal agenda and to destroy all those he considers his enemies. Imagine that in the recent past there would have been a pope with the same determination to promote the good and everything that is Catholic.

Second, we must realize that the renewal of the Church will come neither from the liberals nor from the conservatives. Francis pushes for a liberal agenda of which we already know that it is a gargantuan failure, since it has been implemented in many countries, already before Francis became pope. In all of these countries the Church is today falling apart. Neither will the renewal come from the conservatives, because they are only a less convinced and watered-down variant of the liberals.

The renewal will come from Catholics who believe, first, in the Catholic liturgy and, as a consequence, in the Catholic Faith. From the families of these Catholics a new generation of clergymen, a renewed hierarchy, will be born.

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