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L’Osservatore Romano Celebrates Communist Antonio Gramsci

L’Osservatore Romano Celebrates Communist Antonio Gramsci

What else would you expect from fellow Marxist Bergoglio?

L’Osservatore Romano celebrates Gramsci

On April 27, 2017, L’Osservatore Romano, the daily newspaper of the Holy See, dedicated a large space to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the death of communist Antonio Gramsci.

With a prestigious portrait of Gramsci on its page 1 – above and below first row – and almost all of page 5 dedicated to him – second row – the article goes on to quote various comments on religion made by the Italian theorist of Communism.

Although Gramsci did not have any sympathy for religion and only analyzed it to devise how to replace it with communist propaganda, the Vatican’s organ is drunk with joy over the fact that the communist was obliged to recognize that religion – and especially the Catholic Church – have a great influence on the people.

Tired of praising Luther along with other Protestant heretics, homosexual film directors like Pasolini and revolutionary modern artists like Picasso, now L’Osservatore Romano is paying homage to communist intellectuals.

Let us await the day when the Pope’s newspaper will re-commence its mission of spreading the Catholic Faith…

Photos from L’Osservatore Romano

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