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“I’m an atheist – I like the pope better than you do”

“I’m an atheist – I like the pope better than you do”

The Remnant is more observant than most, if still blind regarding Francis.

Breitbart links to The Remnant’s Open Letter to President Trump, asking for an investigation into U.S. interference in Pope Benedict’s resignation, after Italian archbishop says Benedict resigned under “tremendous pressure.”

Plus, a Protestant minister’s reaction to Pope Francis on atheists, EWTN, Phil Lawler and Deal Hudson on Pope Francis’s revolution.

Is Francis the False Prophet of Revelation? The False Prophet will, according to warnings from heaven, deceive even the Elect if that were possible. Francis, on the other hand, has alerted the Elect to resist him. Michael Matt warns not to demote the False Prophet to a dangerous buffoon, and thus minimize the threat that we ourselves could be deceived by him when he comes. Msgr. Benson creates a much more realistic prototype in his fictional Julius Felsenburg–the lord of the world. Francis is no lord of the world. [Dear Remnant, Francis is so clever that he fooled you, just like Columbo fools the murderers that he catches.]

And, finally, Michael has a message for sedevacantists.

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