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Cardinal Scola: Francis is a “salutary blow to the stomach which the Holy Spirit administered to us in order to wake us up”

Again: Marco Tosatti confirms that the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X is very close to cutting a deal with the Vatican. Bishop Fellay only needs to resolve some internal questions. Tosatti also knows about a building the Fraternity is supposed to buy in Rome: the complex of the Suore Immacolate, a former boarding school with a church, located in via Monza.

Oops! The consecration of 69 year-old Capuchin Father Giovanni Salonia as the new auxiliary bishop of Palermo has been blocked in the last minute. According to the Vatican – quote “more inquiries are needed.” Salonia was named by Pope Francis on February 10th. He is a strong supporter of the radical Francis Church.

A Blow: According to Conservative Cardinal Angelo Scola of Milan, Italy, Pope Francis has been a – quote – “salutary blow to the stomach which the Holy Spirit administered to us in order to wake us up.” Scola said this in an interview with the anti-Church daily, La Repubblica.

Politics: Cardinal George Pell has accused the Australian Senate of waging an, “extraordinary and unjust” attack against him and interfering with due process. A Greens Party motion, agreed to by the upper house in February, called on the senior ranking Catholic clergyman to return to Australia to face allegations of misconduct. Already in the past Cardinal Pell has falsely been accused of child abuse.

Video: https://www.gloria.tv/video/QSTi2FPp8K2328Saqya1fGoWT

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