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Lenten Meditations for Francis and Curia: Judas’ Suicide was a “Work of Mercy”

José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior, "The remorse of Judas" (1880)

The suicide of Judas – “a fact uncomfortable and embarrassing historical in which the Church is not afraid to come to terms” – was born “work of mercy”: with these thirty pieces of silver, which has unsuccessfully tried to return to the priests, ” it ends up to be built a cemetery to bury strangers “in Jerusalem. It is right on the “delicate question” of the suicide of Judas and his “loss of faith in the Lord”, that Father Giulio Michelini spoke in front of the Pope and his collaborators of the Roman Curia Wednesday morning, March 8, in the fifth meditation exercise spiritual, being in the Divine Master House in Ariccia. And for the preacher – who has received an email from testimony by a Franciscan brother, pastor in Aleppo, which describes the ordeal of the population – it is significant that the blood, in contrast to anti-Jewish accusations of deicide, moves especially from the fifth century , do not fall “on the head of Israel” but in the field bought at the price of blood of Christ and now, therefore, “work of mercy.”

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