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Intercommunion is How the Abomination of Desolation will be Marketed

“Drafts from Santa Marta intercommunion Part II: if the smoke of Satan is really in the Vatican” by Fra Cristoforo


[Part 2 of a computer translated Italian website article. Part 1 is here.]

“Drafts from Santa Marta intercommunion Part II: if the smoke of Satan is really in the Vatican” by Fra Cristoforo

And ‘now it is known, as already hinted, the news of a “commission” reserved, commissioned by Bergoglio, to review the Catholic Mass.
The intent, as I said is to unify the rites so as to create an ‘inter-communion with the Lutherans. God only knows what will happen.
Because now the demolition is taking place.

Also I wrote that this group participate obviously Lutherans and Anglicans. Several times the Bishop of Rome, in his speeches for the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation, went saying he hopes for “new paths” of unification. And these new routes, umma umma has already put them in place.
Meanwhile there is to say that by this committee (chaired by the Archbishop Arthur Roche, Secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship) was ousted listen, listen-really the prefect, Cardinal Sarah.

But these things now in Santa Marta are the order of the day. Just think of the commissioner of the Order of Malta. A scandal. Msgr. Becciu become commissioner and Cardinal Burke is there like a statue.
We talk about the CEI (Italian Episcopal Conference)?
The CEI (for want of Bergoglio), the President, Cardinal Bagnasco, you know how important? Counts as the ace of clubs when Trump’s money. Who of course holds the strings of all is the Secretary, Mons. Nunzio Galantino
(What the last World Youth Day said that Sodom was saved thanks to Abraham’s prayer. And so she does not even know the Bible).

The news that I, as some of my confidential sources, is that the Cardinal Sarah, a few months time, will be deposed from his role as Prefect. Because he was considered “too conservative.” Who will take his place precisely Secretary: Archbishop Arthur Roche.

If you want some information on this English archbishop read here
( http://www.monasterodibose.it/ospitalita/convegni/convegni-liturgici/1212-2013-il-concilio-vaticano-ii/6915-messaggio-di-mons-arthur-roche-vaticano2-liturgia ) .. and
Also here
( http://en.radiovaticana.va/news/2016/04/15/archbishop_roche_amoris_laetitia_a_light_in_the_world/1223019 ).

So you realize who we’re talking about. Who has ideas about the liturgy and above all moral.

Why Bergoglio wanted at all “clear” cost communion for divorced and remarried? The reason is not simply “to meet the couples in difficulty” etc. …
But because his ultimate intention ‘IS TO REFORM THE MASS IN A WAY WHICH celebrate it together CHRISTIANS OF OTHER CONFESSIONS.
Obviously it will be compromised “Eucharistic Consecration”. It is already known the news that on March 13 next in St. Peter’s Basilica Anglicans celebrate their liturgy with Catholic ministers
( Http://chiesaepostconcilio.blogspot.it/2017/02/prove-tecniche-di-un-nuovo-rito.html ).
And ‘as if we wanted to have to get used to the idea.

My source tells me that Bergoglio in a hurry to accomplish this massacre. And in Santa Marta lately there is a bustle of pastors of other denominations, along with Roche.
In order to implement this evil, you will have to cut some heads (INCLUDING, SHORT EVEN THAT OF CARDINAL SARAH).

It seems that even in social occasions in Santa Marta is a continuous teasing to those who now tries to save the TRUE CATHOLIC DOCTRINE. On the fact of change of the Mass, dear readers, put his soul in peace. The work has already begun. But not only “theological.” Pure ‘psychological’ ones. Targeted to make us get used to the idea already. Think: the Bishop of Rome has enthroned the Luther statue in the Vatican, the day of Our Lady of Fatima and no priest has dared to breathe
( http://www.antoniosocci.com/bergoglio-nel-giorno-della-madonna-fatima-oscurata-entrare-trionfalmente-vaticano-la-statua-lutero-piu-grande-eretico-un-santo-la-notte -h / ).

The “secrets” that I get, unfortunately, are real.
Time will show them. And if nobody stops this massacre, perhaps thinking “but so it will not happen”, we find ourselves really no longer the Holy Mass, the Holy Sacrifice of Christ, but the “holy memory.”
They would like to call it something like this.

You understand the gravity of this. It seems the situation is “unrealistic”. But know that it is a PLAN ALREADY WELL DEFINED. And all demolitions of Bergoglio, the first day of his pontificate, had ONLY THIS END.

PS: I renew the invitation to the February 11 (Our Lady of Lourdes). I will celebrate Holy Mass to commemorate the 454th anniversary of the Council of Trent. I ask you to join in prayer, so that only Christ Kingdoms, ONLY WAY TRUTH AND LIFE.

Original Italian source: https://anonimidellacroce.wordpress.com/2017/02/09/intercomunione-parte-ii-se-il-fumo-di-satana-e-davvero-in-vaticano-di-fra-cristoforo/

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