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Protestant Lutheran Minister formally recognized as “Archbishop”

Protestant Lutheran Minister formally recognized as “Archbishop”

The one world church is making great strides.

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis will be welcomed to the Lutheran Cathedral of Lund by the Bishop of Stockholm, Anders Arborelius, and by the Lutheran Archbishop of Uppsala, Antje Jackelén.

Ahead of the ecumenical commemoration of the Protestant Reformation set to take place in the Cathedral, Vatican Radio’s Philippa Hitchen spoke with Archbishop Jackelén about the Pope’s visit.

Jackelén said her message for the Pope was one of welcome, saying she and the Pope “are both excited” about the visit.

Asked about her hopes for Pope Francis visit, Jackelén said, “I hope it’s a moment of encouragement and empowerment for the ecumenical movement that will have effect in many parts of the world.”

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