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Yes, they will Explode Saturn – Planned for 2017

Private revelation given through a seer on 11 July 2007 in response to a question regarding Saturn and mankinds’ “plan” for it:

Priest:Is the conspiracy theory of the Cassini mission true?

Jesus: Yes. Will deplete resources, infect atmosphere. Man makes the same mistake of assuming environments are unrelated; they make a mistake if they think the moons will not – cannot be moved.  They will collide – explode, infect, affect, cover, insulate, make cold: all by man’s hand.  Science is not science, science is Hell.

Do not fear for your families, your alliance is enough to ensure my every protection; do not fear sweet friends – you may disseminate [this information] because I am with you and with every moment of celebrated Holy Mass with hope and there is more work to do, fear not:  your place shall be made safe, unmoved and profound.

R.M.: What does “profound” mean?

Jesus:   It is, R.M., that you ARE ‘safe’ and others are not.

Plutonium far-reaching to earth; will quickly contaminate oceans, groundwater, and unprotected –  unconsecrated soil.  Seventy-two pounds is overkill, it only takes one swipe of a knife well placed to murder.  Fragments move quicker, will pierce the atmosphere.  Also know:  the essence of the plutonium is evil – it does not disappear but stay in the air; fragments so small as undetected, the lungs have no way of ejecting it so must assume it: take it in. The animals know what is unnatural- what is not of God and that is why they will run. Natural order disturbed: the sign in the sky.

What is the conspiracy theory of the Cassini mission? That the planetary probe, which is loaded with 72 pounds of plutonium, will be flown into Saturn at a pole so that the crushing pressure will trigger a nuclear fission explosion, and thus create a chain reaction for a fusion explosion, in an attempt to make Saturn a new star. Basically Saturn will become the largest H-bomb ever, being about 1000 times the size of the Earth. You may recall that star ignition was done by aliens to Jupiter in the movie titled 2001: A Space Odyssey by Stanley Kubrick released back in 1968 with the follow-up 2010 (released in 1984) to implement it using the monoliths. In case you don’t know, so-called “aliens” are literally devils in disguise for our “scientific age” and they signaled their plans almost 50 years ago.

Watch a short video about the plans here:

From NASA’s website on the Cassini mission we read about the end of the mission which does plan to plunge the probe into Saturn:

2017 Grand Finale: at the spacecraft’s final orbit, it falls into Saturn’s atmosphere, ending its extraordinary 20-year mission of discovery. (source: Grand Finale fact sheet) (local copy of Cassini Probe Grand Finale Fact Sheet in case it is removed from the official site)

Of course there are those “conspiracy theory debunkers” who want to discredit this information so that you don’t know what’s coming. You can look at part 1 and part 2. In case you mock this prophecy, remember that most people on Earth mocked Noah as well.

Only God can protect you from this level of disaster which will literally affect the whole solar system. Recall the Bible says “Men withering away for fear, and expectation of what shall come upon the whole world. For the powers of heaven shall be moved” (Luke 21:26). Indeed quite literally, and by man’s own hand, prophesied also as an abyss of destruction.

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