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Sodomy Supporting Priest Timothy Radcliffe addresses 2016 Eucharistic Congress

Sodomy Supporting Priest Timothy Radcliffe addresses 2016 Eucharistic Congress

The great apostasy continues to get greater as the promotion of sodomy reaches new heights, and yet it will reach even higher as one day Francis will formally approve of it as part of the one-world religion.
Homo-Dominican, Timothy Radcliffe (far left) with other Congress participants 

Vox Cantoris and this blog have written about the homosexual infiltration into the Church. We will continue to do so. We will not be silent, nor silenced.

Timothy Radcliffe O.P., is what I call a“homo-Dominican”. He is one of those Dominicans who has a long and sinister track record of dissent on homosexuality. An in depth analysis is available at Vox Cantoris. It is must reading to understand the evil and danger Radcliffe and the homo-Dominicans are inflicting on the Church.
A number of excellent articles exist about his dissent. You may read them here, here, here, and here. 
When the “gay” cowboy movie came out, a number of years ago, Timothy Radcliffe eagerly promoted it.

Now, Radcliffe has been invited to address the Eucharistic Congress in Cebu, the Philippines. One must ask, why? It is impossible that the organizers do not know what this man stands for. Radcliffe’s pro-homosexual ideology is well known. By inviting him, they are implicitly approving of his heresy, his dissent.

There can be no doubt: homosexual infiltration into the priesthood and the hierarchy is massive, powerful and a horrible cancer. It is this homosexual infiltration that helps explain the collapse in morals amongst so many Catholics, the swing of so many Catholics in favour of abortion, contraception, divorce, and now deviant sexual behaviour. For decades, churchmen have either been silent or given occasional lip service towards Catholic doctrine on morality.

The homosexual clergy have done their job well: they have corrupted two generations of Catholics. The result is plain to see: the Church is collapsing all around us., Yes, the bricks and mortar still exist, money is still raised for foolish and useless projects. But, dear readers, all of this is coming to an end. Christ will not be mocked. A Church that no longer wants the Cross, is an anti-church; a synagogue of Satan.

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