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Denzinger vs Bergoglio

Please have a look at the website Denzinger Bergoglio, which focuses as follows:

Behind this English version is a group of priests, who have received from our parishioners the same moving questions that had first led our Spanish brethren to publish the already famous original “Denzinger-Bergoglio”. Overjoyed by their inspired initiative, we were certain that it also responds to a deeply felt need on the part of millions of English-speaking faithful. And so, moved by pastoral care, we had individually written to those who run the Spanish page in order to press for an English version. Given the number of requests, we were put into contact with one another… With a little assistance, and a lot of prayer, here is ‘The Denzinger-Bergoglio’! … All we want is to let the Magisterium of the Church be known. It alone separates error from Truth – human opinion is always fallible. So do not expect more from this page: we will throw a bit of light in a very confused world at a time when no one says a word. We are just starting out. But hope to shortly be able to publish our translations as soon as a post comes out on the original Spanish page. And also to put up their earlier issues.

The original Spanish version is at

The newer English version is


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