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Cardinal Bertone knew of Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the coming “Pope Francis” 7 Months in Advance

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[N.B. Since the Freemasons must plan ahead, this is quite logical]

Bertone knew of Abdication of Benedict and Advent of Francis 7 months before?

Rome, February 19, 2015:  It must be a mistake, or a joke, otherwise its the stuff that will ignite the wildest speculation:  Cardinal Bertone was quoted, yesterday, to have affirmed in an interview that he knew both of the planned resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the advent of Pope Francis months beforehand, and even discussed it with Pope Benedict!

Here is the explosive quote from the Catholic Herald, published today, and cited by us, minutes ago, but which was itself cited verbatim from the interview the Cardinal gave to Andrea Purgatori of the Huffington Post.

How surprised were you by his decision to leave?

I had guessed it, but put it out my thoughts. I knew long in advance, at least seven months before. And I had many doubts. We debated the topic at length after it seemed already decided. I told him: Holy Father, you must bestow upon us the third volume on Jesus of Nazareth and the encyclopedia of faith, before you sign things over to Pope Francis.

This phrase cannot have been said after the the Conclave, or before Conclave, because in the first case Benedict XVI had already abdicated; in the second, Pope Francis had not been elected nor taken his name. As it stands, it seems to signify that months before the election of Pope Francis, Pope Benedict and Cardinal Bertone, his secretary of State, knew that Cardinal Bergoglio would succeed him and take the name Francis.

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  1. Why isn’t this interview of Cardinal Bertone’s being shouted from the Catholic press!!
    If this is true what he has said the Church is in serious trouble!! Someone needs to protect Pope Benedict XVI, get him out of the Vatican and away from these wolves!!

  2. Pius X stated he had a vision and that “I saw one of my successors by name fleeing over the corpses of his brethren. He will flee to a place for a short respite where he is unknown; but he himself will die a cruel death.”

    So, the solution is that while in 2013 the world did not know the name which Pius X learned the Holy See likely did, and that after Pope John Paul II was shot such records were looked at, and thus both Pope Ratzinger and Cardinal Bertone knew the name of Benedict’s successor without knowing who the man would be, and likely Bergoglio did not know the name Francis either, until after he was elected and chose it, confirming the vision of Pius X.

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