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Re-Hacking the Rite of Canonization

Excerpts from Rorate Caeli

The booklet for the canonization of six new saints tomorrow was published online on Friday, November 21. The Rite of Canonization introduced on October 21, 2012 by Pope Benedict XVI and which was largely based on the Rite of Canonization before Pius XII is now gone. (This rite had been last used, with minor modifications, for the canonization this past April of John XXIII and John Paul II.) Naturally the threefold petitions are gone, and with them the formulae that emphasized the authority of canonizations, composed under the Pope Emeritus. 
Instead, the “reformed”, post-Conciliar rite in use for canonizations from the time of the liturgical reforms of Paul VI until the canonizations of 2011 (called from here on as the “Paul VI rite”) will mostly be brought back into use tomorrow. We say “mostly”, for this shortened rite has been subjected to further simplifications that, we genuinely hope, do not betoken more truncations of the liturgy in the coming years. (For the rest of this article we will call the rite to be used tomorrow as the “2014 rite”.)
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