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Some Observations on the Korea Trip

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The Pope’s improvisations undermined everything his sermon had said about the courageous witness of the martyrs he had just beatified. Using the word “dialogue” some 22 times, Francis sounded his by now familiar themes: “with my identity and my empathy, my openness, I walk with the other. I don’t try to make him come over to me, I don’t proselytize.” Really? It seems that the Korean martyrs were martyred for doing precisely that. “Dialogue” was not part of their Catholic vocabulary, nor was it part of anyone’s Catholic vocabulary before 1962: the word “was completely unknown in the Church’s teaching before the Council. It does not occur once in any previous council, or in papal encyclicals, or in sermons or in pastoral practice.” (Amerio, Iota Unum, p. 347).

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