Are You a Rigorist?

At Steve Skojek’s Blog he wrote the article titled “It Doesn’t Take a Rigorist: Why All Catholics Should Be Concerned About Pope Francis”.

So back to Pope Francis. What is my problem with him? Well, let me start by saying that I had hope for the papacy that followed Benedict XVI. I had an inclination that maybe he really knew what he was doing with his abdication and that something was coming that the Church needed. And yet, when I saw Francis that first moment as he stepped out to face the massive crowds in St. Peter’s square, I found myself filled with inexplicable dread. [His soul sensed the False Prophet] I had no idea who the man was or what he was about – I had never even heard his name before that moment. But there was something in his face, in the deadness of his eyes, that inspired in me a feeling of revulsion. I have always had a strong ability to judge character, but I tried to suppress it. I attempted to find ways to give the benefit of the doubt. I could not discount a successor of St. Peter because of nothing more than a feeling. But that feeling was strong, and I have never been ill-served by listening to my feelings about people.

Then he started speaking. And the statements he has been making are intensely problematic. Are they explicitly heretical? No. [Yes, some are.] Are they dangerously close? Absolutely. What kind of a Christian tells an atheist he has no intention to convert him? That alone should disturb Catholics everywhere. Many of his other statements, by and large, are less egregious, though they are still quite problematic. They are open to wildly varying interpretation because they are made without context, thus leaving it open to the will of the interpreter to apply it. And look at the sort of context one can apply:

Steve has his eyes opened. Soon, every real Catholic who holds firmly to the Truth as contained in the Bible and Catholic doctrine will be accused of much more than being a rigorist. Expect Francis to “excommunicate” anyone who doesn’t accept the One World Religion. No matter, we rigorously hold to all the teachings of the Catholic Faith as we await Jesus’ return.

Of course most are sleeping (Matthew chapter 25).

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